Our Adoptable Dogs


All the dogs available for adoption have been spayed or neutered, vaccinated, titered, microchipped, tested and treated for parasites and/or other medical conditions while in foster care in Arkansas and are issued a veterinary health certificate before coming to Canada. More information is available on the FAQs page.

Please read about our adoption process and submit an application if you are interested in one of these dogs. Unfortunately time constraints make it impossible to respond to all inquiries and only applicants who appear to be a good match for one of the dogs will be contacted.

Mosaic Rescue is no longer taking in new dogs but remains committed to dogs previously placed who may need to be rehomed. 


RUBY –  Adoption Pending

Ruby is a sweet little Mosaic who came back to us needing a new home. She is a friendly, playful, well behaved dog who is most likely a Miniature Pinscher mix of some sort. She weighs 15 lbs and we think she is about 9 years old. Although she is lively and energetic when the occasion calls for it she can be quite the couch potato at home. Her favourite place is under the covers on the bed or on a couch nearby her people. Recently I had the flu and was bed ridden for a few days. Ruby was happy to keep me company the whole time and was a great bed warmer. Once I was better she was excited to get back to her walks in the neighbourhood and rides in the car. She’s a good traveller. She’s also quite smart and very food motivated.

Ruby is a southern girl with short hair so she feels the cold and appreciates a warm coat or sweater. She has quite a wardrobe that comes with her. The cold weather doesn’t deter her though and she has had fun tearing around in the snow this winter.

Aside from the last couple of years Ruby has always lived with other dogs (she was originally rescued from a hoarding situation) and I think she is happiest with a canine companion. She’s good with cats too. Most of all she loves her people and would like to be able to hang out with them most of the time. Ruby came back to us because she was anxious when left alone in an apartment where she had been scared by fire alarms and smoke detectors. She has been fine when left in a more quiet and private environment once she feels at home there. She has a bit of a reputation as being an escape artist (she is curious and loves to explore) so a secure yard is needed if she is not on leash.

Ruby has bounced too much in her life and now needs a truly forever home. Please email info@mosaicrescue.ca for more information about her and the adoption process. Our normal adoption fee will not apply in this situation. Please note that only homes in the Victoria area will be considered.