Jersey has come a long way. From a high kill shelter facing a grim future


to a home where she is a much loved member of the family.

Jersey4 Jersey5

Update June 2009

In mid-July it will be two years since Jersey graced our home with her gentle presence.
While still the most calm and unflappable of dogs she’s come out of her initial shyness and lets us know when there is someone at the door or interlopers such as raccoons inthe backyard. She and the cats (Ralf and Roswell) all sunbathe on our little back deck now that summer’s here (how can these 4-leggeds get SO relaxed?)
But Jersey’s favourite spot is on our bed where she can curl up in the most compact of packages, waiting for her pack to join her. She is the sweetest, most loving dog imaginable and we thank fate and Janet for bringing her into our lives.