Maggie’s mom writes:

She is doing very well in her obedience classes and is learing to
‘wait’ and ‘sit’. Our walks are more enjoyable as she is not pulling quite
so much. On Sunday we entered a little competition called Hoof &
Woof….horses do a jump course and dogs a mini agility course. After she
caught on to running thru the tunnel she had a ball. I even had her leaping
over the 18″ jumps set up for the horses. She still has LOTS of energy and
enthusiasm. The cats are getting used to her, in fact, Simon lets her grab
his neck and she pulls him around the kitchen (until he gets fed up with it
and lets her have it).

Here are a couple of pictures … she is with her favourite ball and with
Rose (while I was cleaning the stalls). She is not snarling…..just eating
a chunk of wood.

Maggie & her ball Maggie & Rose